Using Our Salve

Our salve is different. In fact, it's unlike any other product on planet Earth. While most black salves on the market consist of 5-10 ingredients such as bloodroot, chaparral, galangal, graviola, glycerine, zinc chloride, DMSO, and others, our formula is a proprietary Native American family recipe which blends 17 herbs in a way that creates a completely new - unique product. It contains no additives or preservatives. It's a healing salve that is used both as food and cream. (Similar to let's say coconut oil - you can both eat it and put it on your skin.) When taken internaly, it's normally taken as a 6-week cleanse and depending on the individual situation, one can keep going for another 6 weeks and so on. 

''The salve has brought on a mass exodus of parasites from my body.''

''I am still mid-treatment but DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT ON USING OUR SALVEhave noticed very positive effects. I did not realize I was living in a brain fog until all of a sudden it lifted. I am able to remember stuff again. The formula does make me nauseous and fatigued at times but given the toxic load I am cleansing it is understandable.''

''It dug a big deep hole in my breast over two months, then the hole closed up in a week and half. I've been taking it internally for about one year. Two caps together per day.''

''I read that you could do a rectal implant of a diluted Detox Miracle solution. It went right to work on the area that was hurting (I mean within minutes it was very uncomfortable). After about an hour it passed enough that I slept. Over a 6 week practice of Detox Miracle I did 5-6 implants and it seemed to take care of the rectal issue. After the 3rd time I didn't feel any more action on the area. I also did a few retention douches as I figured I'd cover all the tissues in that area with the Detox Miracle action!