About Us

Dear Friend

Welcome to Detox Miracle Salve – a handmade blend of 17 herbs which has been helping people bring their bodies back into a state of balance for more than 100 years.

I founded Detox Miracle Salve because we have a big problem. People who are seriously ill are wasting time and money treating symptoms without ever changing the root cause.

My journey in helping people reverse dis~ease began in 2013 when I successfully healed my IBS by deeply cleansing my GI tract using raw foods and herbs.

Having discovered the secret of true regeneration, I certified as a Detoxification Specialist at Dr Morse’s International School of Detoxification in Florida in 2014, and began to help people through consultations and coaching in 2015 via my company Detox Miracle Healing.

The Origins

Detox Miracle Salve is an authentic Native American healing formula prepared as black salve. Prior to the release for use to public some 40 years ago, the recipe was held as a closely guarded secret to be passed down from one generation to the next.

The elders who passed down the recipe related that, when taken internally, it is attracted to wherever an imbalance is situated in the system and begins the healing work immediately. As an enema, it is a great colon and intestinal cleanser and detoxicant, saturating the lower organs like a beneficial balm. Taken as a douche, its cleansing ability is immediate and thorough. 

How it’s made

To this date, the formula is handmade by the same family, maintaining the tradition of secrecy to protect the formula from falling into the hands of ‘profiteers’ whose motives would neither honour the integrity of its purpose nor fully understand the complex method and with which it is made.

In the absence of either of these aspects, its guardians believe the healing capacity of the Formula would be greatly diminished.

How it’s different

  1. Where it differs from any other product on the market is that the herbs and method of formulation make it safe to use internally, where 90% of the healing takes place, and can also be applied topically, safely, as a drawing salve. It contains no additives or preservatives.

  2. Other black salves on the market today are derived from a veterinarian formula in Arizona called “Indian mud". This Indian mud formula contains Zinc Chloride, (which burns instead of drawing) and is a chemical compound that should never be taken internally. Zinc Chloride is a toxic pharmaceutical compound that's dangerous to the liver and doesn't belong to Native Americans. The Indian mud formula was meant to be used topically, only on the hard, knotty tumours that cows and horses develop on their legs. Such a formula can be made very cheaply and simply, however ours is crafted in a unique process using 17 symbiotic herbs which is reflected in its premium price.

  3. It's a family recipe, therefore one of a kind.


Andrea Gajdosova,