Herbal Remedy

for cancer and tumours


Life is too precious not to try it

Have you tried conventional medicine without any success? Have you lost all hope? Are you looking for a natural way to remove toxins?

Completely Herbal

Our salve is hand prepared and contains only herbs blessed by nature, blended in harmony in an age-old fashion using a curing technique. 


I've tried many salves but this is the only one that gave me a very impressive fast result in only about 10 days. I could feel it working within 24 hours and now the lipoma is gone and it is healing nicely.

Gianni L

It's a potent salve. Removes skin problems fast. This product actually works and there are no side effects that I have felt or noticed. High quality ingredients and a great investment for my health. I highly recommend it to all my friends.


I had a very painful tooth abscess - a protruding pocket of puss on my upper gum. Within 2-3 days on the salve, the abscess completely dissolved and disappeared, never to return.

Andrea G

Preventative Remedy

Detox Miracle Salve is also excellent as a powerful preventative remedy and detoxifier, once or twice a year

Black salve cancer

Start Your Healing Journey


Enema & Douche

Detox Miracle Salve is a great colon, intestinal and vaginal cleanser and detoxicant, saturating the lower organs like a beneficial balm. 

What Others Are Saying

I bought it to get rid of a wart on my knee. I took it internally for about three weeks and also applied it to the wart. I lost the wart and polyps in my colon and other growths under my skin. I went on a cleanse while I took it. I did high colonics daily and past parasites and polyps. The lines went away from my face and I felt the best I had felt in a very long time. Before I took this formula I suffered from allergies and anxieties and could not gain weight. After, I felt calm and grounded. It has been over twenty years and still I have no allergies. I am getting ready to take it again. It DOES WORK.  It is worth its weight in gold. Make sure you follow the instructions. Be patient, do not spread it on like butter, put it only on the surface needed to be healed. Drink plenty of water and stay away from stressful situations. In other words, be good to yourself; healing takes time.

— Sandra P